• My time was not available

    When you search for your time and it comes back with SOLD displayed unfortunately your time block is not available, you have missed out this time, each time is exclusive to the owner, and only sold once, we do not make any exceptions.

  • Uploading a Photo

    When uploading a photo to Own a Moment please ensure it is of good quality JPEG, BMP or PNG above 100kBytes, anything below  this may appear dark or blurry, especially if it is intended to be printed.

    If your photo does not upload correctly or you are not happy with how it appeared on the preview of your certificate, please contact us after your order and we will be happy to fix any problems before we print your certificate.

  • Is it Going to Print Correctly?

    Each certificate uploaded is screened before being printed, this is to ensure that your pictures and text have uploaded and positioned correctly to ensure your certificate looks its best. If we find any mistakes or your photo could be positioned a little nicer, we will send you a email to double check before changes are made.

    If you have recently received a Emailed Gift and are now looking to print it out, then please read our blog where we have provided some tips and advice, Printing your Certificate.

  • I Don`t Know the Exact Time

    Sometimes you may want the exact time of when an event happened, but struggle to remember it, if you have a digital photo of your moment you can always right click on your photo, select properties and then the Details tab, in there you should now be able to see when the photo was first created, with the exact date and time.

    For other occasions the exact time may not be so necessary to be as accurate, but the thought and gesture of that moment is what matters.

  • Not Received my Email

    Occasionally email filters can be a bit strict, please check your spam or junk mail before contacting us if you have not received your email within 4 hours.

  • OTR Access Problems

    If you are having problems signing into the Official Time Registry please double check you are entering the correct OTR code found both at the bottom of your invoice and foot of your certificate.

    Enter your email address from which the time block was bought with, as this is linked to the Code of your moment, this is case sensitive! please ensure that the first letter of your email address does not automatically capatalise by your computer, as this will stop you from accessing the website.