Material World (Part 2) A year in the making !

Material World (Part 2)

A year in the making

Yes the year has flown by, and this little guy has definitely kept us on our toes, although it has been good fun making a timeline, capturing moments of him growing up and a great way to look back at baby pictures that will always put a smile on our face, even if it was “wow how did we manage to do that!”


The pictures did start off being fairly simple as there was a time when young Brad would happily lay and be quite content with most positions you put him in, this luxury soon disappeared as he got a bit more adventurous and making the photos harder and harder to take, which resulted in many plans and ideas being changed at last minute depending on how wiggle our little man was to create the perfect photo.


As seasoned and hardened photo creators we feel we can offer some tips so perhaps you may create your own pictures:

Distractions – To get the right angle for some of the pictures meant positioning Brad in a certain way and then being quick to exit the photo, along with shaking random toys or using treats to keep the little man happy and distracted while we quickly took the photo.

Extra hands – Distractions only go so far, but an extra person to help put the scene back together or help with shaking toys is really helpful.

Lighting – We struggled to get good lighting, during the day was too inconsistent with the sun and busy in the house, and if you left it too late our model was not best pleased. We found just basic room lighting along with the glow of the TV helped us (professional photographers will be frowning about now), plus a few tweaks with photo editing goes along way.

Space – To get the whole picture into the scene using surprisingly a large area, we had to resort to taking all the phots from standing on a chair while the majority of the floor was covered.

Trigger finger – Luckily we don’t have to develop camera film anymore otherwise we would have been in trouble, once Brad was positioned and everyone had jumped out of view, an itchy trigger finger was required as it was only split seconds you had to capture that perfect moment, before you are back to resetting the scene and grabbing a runaway.


At the end of a great year we had created something truly memorable, a great gift for the family, memorabilia or just something to haunt your child on their 18th birthday.

These perfect moments / crazy times are immortalised and are great to look back on with more than just an awwww isn’t he cute.

Do we continue until 2 years? hmmm i think this might get tricky !


Other easy ways to commemorate this little guys birthday is by owning the moment he was born, also a perfect gift for grandparents, see if your special moment is available by visiting our home page here or have a look at our gift sets.