How to Turn History into a Gift

The most memorable time in your life or a moment you just want to own forever, turning history into a perfect gift, whether it is personal and private or a famous event, these are all moments that enriched our lives.

A Great gift or unique gift for that special someone that has everything, own the time that changed your / or their life.

The list is far too long obviously to write all the key events in history but we have included a few to jog your memory, share with others how this time impacted you.

Muhammad Ali after dropping Sonny Liston in 1965

Concorde’s final flight 2003

Martin Luther King Jr. after delivering his “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963

Michael Jackson introducing the Moonwalk for the first time in 1983

Mans first step on the moon 1969 – currently on Ebay visit here 

Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Ed Sheeran concerts or pure fans may have many moments they would enjoy to keep forever along with many other artists.

Famous movie releases such as Star Wars, or maybe your first date, the moment your life was changed forever, a perfect gift, a chance to tell that special someone why and how they are so special dedicating a time of when your world changed.

We would love for people to share with us their ideas, help inspire and promote other fun and novel gift of moments that have made a difference.

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