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Wedding / Engagement / Anniversary

A Gift like no other for a Wedding / Engagement /Anniversary


Wedding gifts for the newly married couple is always tricky, when now it seems that people have most of what they need, and with no desire for the standard issue `first home starter kit` which was the easy go to gift. With trends changing and with an ever increasing rise of unused items bought for one another, personalised gifts are now increasing in popularity, as they do exactly that, personalised and dedicated gifts that actually have thought gone into creating them, a keepsake of that day that is both individual and unique.

At Own a moment you can create a great gift for both Newlyweds and Engagements, making that special day last forever  by exclusively owning and gifting that time.

Wedding Gift Own a moment

If you are looking for a great gift for your partner to commemorate a wedding anniversary, show them how much you care by finding that very moment you said yes, write a short dedication to them of how memorable that day was, a great original personalised gift like no other, a gift that doesn’t just look proud on your wall or shelf but also a great reminder for some people that are a little forgetful 😉

Own a moment is waiting for you to hopefully find your time available, click here and start creating your personalised wedding gift of that `Big Day` to be remembered forever.