Printing Your Certificate

Printing your Emailed Gift


Yes it’s a super quick gift and you can have it sent to anyone, anywhere in the world, now being able to view it on your computer, phone or tablet is easy, but what if I want to print out my certificate, and frame it to display it for everyone to see?

We would love for you to get the best quality print from your emailed gift and proudly present it so below we have listed a couple of methods and tips for you to achieve the best quality from your gift.


Printed gift of time


Professional Printers:

The easiest and most obvious solution and for best results we recommend taking your file to a professional printers, simply download the PDF file from the Official Time Registry, and save it to a media device, the print size will be A4 and we recommend using a matt finish paper / card of a nice weight around 150 GSM with no texture.


Printing from home:

For great ease and convenient use your home printer, although as this may seem a simple solution we thought we would provide a few tips. Again quite obvious but  maybe not to everyone so we thought we would mention it is to buy photographic paper of at least 150 GSM, this will produce the best results, although this is a certificate and not a photograph it does contain lots of detail that can be lost if not printed correctly. You can standard printer paper but it does absorbs a lot of ink, it then becomes heavy whilst appearing almost wet and creases easily, colours can also appear washed out or overly darkens in photos, whilst also destroying fine detail, the end result generally is not very good. 

Whilst using photographic paper ensure that your printer settings are on photo print, or the highest quality print setting your printer can manage, as you will be surprised at what a difference this makes on photographs versus a `normal` or `fast` setting.

If you are lucky enough to have a printer that prints to the edge of the paper this is also a recommended setting to turn on.

If your not having any joy with colours on your home prints, and streaks become apparent or look a little off colour, try cleaning your printer nozzles or aligning the print head, we also recommend printing a couple of test sheets before your final certificate print to ensure that the printer is performing at its best.

We hope you have success with your print and that you achieve the best results for your gift, to soon have your certificate proudly displayed.

A gift of time running out own a moment personalised gift

Time is Running Out!

We don’t want to see sad face`s and disappoint people, but unfortunately here at Own a Moment each special time sold, is only ever sold once, so quite literally time is running out!

Sad fruit no moment

Already we have had people contact us because they have found that their time has been sold and unavailable, this is not a fault in the system that you can not select the time, if the time block says SOLD then it has gone and someone already owns it, therefore it is not possible for us to resell that time, this is what makes the gift special and exclusive. If you are lucky enough to find your special time available we recommend buying it sooner than later to avoid disappointment.

As most people already know there are so many different reasons people are buying their special times, as so many things all around the world are happening at the same time, to name only a few ranging from Anniversary Gifts, Newborn Gifts, Racing Gifts, Achievement Gifts, Wedding Gifts, even Funny Gifts, and one that we noticed the other day is famous Historical moments! This is now not just a gift, but can be a ownership of a time that people are interested in or follow, for some people owning that time when their favourite team won a game, or even a famous celebrity moment.

We honestly love seeing what is going to be the next moment people want to own, and the creativity and thought that has gone into each certificate people make.

Happy fruit

So to keep our customers faces still smiling please click here and use our time search, this search checks the Official Time Registry database and displays the time slots that are Sold or (hopefully) Available,  so don’t be left disappointed find your time before it is too late.