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Gift Ideas

Need some help thinking of a special moment for a gift?

See below for some examples of special occasions that always need remembering.


Own or gift that special time that no couple wants to forget.

“May this moment be the beginning of a long and happy life together”

New Arrivals

The moment a new family member was born into the world.

“To our gorgeous little boy, the moment your first breath took ours away”

Graduations and Achievements

Show how proud you are of somebody’s achievement or award.

“This was the proudest moment of our lives and your first big steps into the real world”

Sporting Moments

Own the moment of your favourite team or sporting hero winning.

“The greatest sporting achievements available to own now”

Shared Moments

That time with friends or family you wanted to last forever.

“The best time of my life with my fondest friends, I never wanted this moment to end ”

And many other events where moments are priceless.

Find your moment in time

Moments worth saving and remembering are the times when we were at our happiest, times that are cherished or times that you want to relive and never forget.

A Creative personal gift where the gesture is sometimes more important than the exact time, the thought of making such a moment special is what matters, OWN it and record it forever.

Own a Moment allows you to capture treasured moments in time and share them with the people that made that time so special.

An original and excellent gift for any occasion that stands out from others.